I just love him so much ugh

Handsome boy.

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The leaves are starting to fall!

This beautiful baby.

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Bangkok-based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich (previously featured here) continues to take breathtaking photos of Siamese fighting fish, also known as betta fish. His fascination with their splendid, flowing fins and brilliant coloring is apparent in the extraordinarily detailed portraits he creates. The photos are so perfectly clear and close-up that it’s easy to forget the fish are underwater and not floating in midair.

Angkatavanich recently told Popular Photography that he only started photographing the fish after encountering them for the first time three years ago at a fish show and has since become obsessed with the different species which vary greatly in size, shape, and color patterns.

Head over to Visarute Angkatavanich’s 500px gallery to view more of his gorgeous betta portraits. Limited edition prints of his photos are currently available through La Lanta Fine Art.

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Stunning bettas.

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Mika & Toffi

Beautiful animals.

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New England Patriots charter #757 at #KC downtown airport. – View on Path.

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チーズちょうだい #shiba #dog #komugi #柴犬

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Nature embroidered, Meredith Woolnough

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Kiba and Timber love to wedge themselves under the bed and then pretend to panic that they’re “stuck.” I liken it to going into a pool and pretending that you’re being chased by a shark.


Silly pups!

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Ani loves to people watch and often leaves lots of nose art in the process.

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Photography by sunset-winghttp://sunsetwing.com/

New Chitose… #jal found at http://mscr.pt/1vgSFw0


Photography by sunset-winghttp://sunsetwing.com/

New Chitose… #jal found at http://mscr.pt/1vgSFw0

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Pan Am Clipper Constitution SP. SP stands for “Special Performance” Capable of very long range flying when introduced. Boeing’s answer to the DC-10 and L1011 — Special Thanks Dave Hunt

www.facebook.com/VintageAirliners ~~✈

www.VintageAirliners.com ~~✈

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12 Hand drawn Fonts and +1,000 other vintage resources for $34.

 If you’re constantly looking for the beautiful homesick vintage styles, this time you can stop for a while and check all the huge amount of resources including in this bundle. You can combine different elements and create infinite amount of results. This huge bundle include:

  • 190 editable vector templates
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  • 100 frames and borders
  • 50 hand-drawn vector ornaments
  • 54 premium seamless patterns
  • 11 vector alphabet sets
  • 73 super high-resolution textures
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  • 6 incredible Photoshop Actions

It’s stuffed with $4,035 worth of super premium resources, but it can be yours for $39

Grab it here; http://bit.ly/vintagekit

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