Sidewalk frog :-) – View on Path.

Ready to do some drawing and college football watchin’ :-) – View on Path.

Saturday morning Yuki :-) – View on Path.

Skull & crossbones y’all :-) #Shiba #Yuki – View on Path.

Glorious water fruit. – View on Path.

Yuki rockin the Horns :-) Hook em! – View on Path.

Post dinner nap time for Yuki :-)

Evidently my foot is comfortable enough for Yuki :-) – View on Path.

Me and my cast, ready to do some serious hitch hiking ;-) – View on Path.

Found it! at World Market – View on Path.


Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan Mastiff

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Daniel Agdag's latest collection of cardboard flying machines and sculptures.

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So far today the pack has…


  • Knocked my 2000 dollar laptop off the table onto the tile floor.
  • Knocked the 2000 dollar camera and lens onto the tile.
  • Hubble took a shit on the CARPET?!?!
  • Balto deliberately knocked his bowl over inside his crate and howled until I cleaned it up then refused to eat because there was fur in it. 
  • Ani ate half the stuffing out of the now demolished squeaky squirrel.

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY. Hope yours has been better than mine. 

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I’m at a shiba inu party
I’m at a shiba inu party
I’m literally at a shiba inu party
there are so many shiba inu’s

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